/mæn / (say man)

noun (plural men)
1. Anthropology the human species (genus Homo, family Hominidae, class Mammalia) at the highest level of animal development, mainly characterised by exceptional mentality.
a. the human race; humankind: *Over the centuries man has asked himself many profound questions. –phillip adams, 1976.
b. the human creature or being as representative of its kind, and distinguished from other beings, animals, or things: a man is inherently fallible.
3. a male human being (distinguished from woman).
4. an adult male person (distinguished from boy).
5. a husband: man and wife.
6. Colloquial a male lover, partner in a marriage or de facto relationship: her man came also.
7. a male follower, subordinate, or employee: officers and men of the army.
a. a man involved in servicing or supplying some specified item: laundry man; ice-man.
b. a figure made, or said to be made, of some substance: snow man; straw man; iron man.
9. someone having traditionally manly qualities or virtues.
10. someone's representative in a specified place, country, etc.
11. a male servant; a valet.
12. (a word of condescending address to a man): my good man.
13. Colloquial (a term of address.)
14. one of the pieces used in playing certain games, as chess or draughts.
15. History a liegeman; vassal.
16. Colloquial (an exclamation indicating astonishment, pleasure, displeasure, etc.): Man! You should have been there.
verb (t) (manned, manning)
a. to furnish with personnel, as for service or defence.
b. to provide (a boat) with a crew.
a. to take one's place at for service, as a gun, post, etc.
b. to take one's position on (a boat).
19. to make manly; brace.
20. Falconry to accustom (a hawk) to the presence of people.
21. a man about town, a man who frequents theatres, clubs, etc.
22. a man of his word, a man who keeps his promises.
23. a man of honour, a man who behaves in an honourable fashion.
24. a man's man, a man who is liked and respected by other men, especially for qualities considered manly, such as courage, level-headedness, lack of sentimentality, etc.
25. a real man, a mature man with the attributes commonly accorded to such a one, especially courage.
26. make a man (out) of someone, to bring out in someone qualities of courage, perseverance, etc., thought to distinguish a man from a boy.
27. make someone a (young) man, Aboriginal English to bring (an Aboriginal male) to the state of manhood by instruction and ceremonial initiation: it was time to make him a young man.
28. man alive!, Colloquial (an expression of surprise, astonishment, etc.)
29. man and boy, (of a male) from childhood.
30. man on man, Sport with one contestant directly against another on the opposing team.
31. man to man, frankly and honestly: to speak man to man.
32. man up,
a. Australian Rules to cover one's opponent in defensive play.
b. (of a male) to toughen up, physically and mentally.
33. my good man, (dated) (a form of address usually implying some claim to social superiority by the one who uses it.)
34. the man, Colloquial a male employer; male boss.
35. the man in grey, Victoria
a. (at Spencer Street train station) a person employed to answer travellers' queries.
b. Colloquial any knowledgeable person.
36. the man in white, Sport a male umpire or referee.
37. the man of the house, the principal male of a household (opposed to the lady of the house).
38. the man on the land, the stereotypical figure of the man who makes his living from farming, grazing, etc.: *It was not till the introduction of cold storage that the thoughts of the man on the land were turned to fruit-growing, dairying, and the breeding of fat lambs for the overseas market. –vance palmer, 1954.
39. to a man, all; to the last person; without exception.
{defs 1–15 (noun) Middle English and Old English mann, man (plural menn, men); def. 13 originally Black English, ? influenced by similar uses in African languages; defs 17–20 (verb) Middle English manne(n), Old English mannian}
Usage: The use of man in a sense which includes women and possibly children is now generally avoided: a disease dangerous to humans, an origin common to humans and higher animals. Likewise, humanity or humankind are preferred to mankind.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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